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to Attorney Jean-Christophe Chabaud

  • - « Attorney Chabaud, you are the founder of the JURIVOX firm. Can you introduce yourself ? »

    - « « I took oath the 2 December 1991 and began to practice at the very time that the professions of barrister and law council merged together. After two years of preparatory classes, I joined and graduated from Toulouse’s Ecole Superieure de Commerce. In parallel to these management studies, I also attended classes at the Law school in Toulouse, where I gained a masters certificate in Business Law. I first worked in the private sector then branched out into the lawyer profession in 1990 with a partiality for litigation. Classed second amongst those receiving the post graduate legal qualification, two years later I received the gold medal for my completion of the “Conférence du Stage du Barreau de Toulouse”. I then began the classic career path for lawyers: collaboration, installation, association, disassociation, reflection, orientation, extension...»
  • - « Does your double training from the School of Management and the Faculty of Law prove to be an asset ? »

    - «  Without a doubt : the practical teaching of a business school, the numerous internships, followed by the responsibilities held within the private sector bestow a state of mind facilitating exchange with company managers and legal directors. This enables for a quick understanding that the trials process is not always an end in itself. Analysing regulation or jurisprudence, no matter how subtle, never arouses an enthusiasm in the company manager; you need to be pragmatic, to know how to measure the stakes and to find the best- or the least poor- solution. »
  • - « Why choose you ? »

    - « Because at JuriVox you find a good compromise between technical know-how and receptiveness, between implication and availability. Because we also know that an effective lawyer is he who has established a collaboration of confidence with his client and that at the end of the day the lawyer and his client are often alike: the agreement is made, in a more or less implicit manner, on common values. »
  • - « To build on this point, what values do you defend ? »

    - « Must I clarify them somewhat? Between begging the question and creed the boundary is often limited or convoluted... Let’s say that regarding the lawyer’s oath- the compass of our professional activity- the two cardinal values are for me independence and humanity. »

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